Episode 13: Back to school

Olive and Ani talk about back to school, recent events, and there's a special guest appearance by Bindle!

Episode 12: Quarantine simulator

Olive and Ani talk about what's new in 2020. Olive tells us about her Roblox creations, including her new game Quarantine Simulator. Ani tells us about her love for unicorns!

Episode 11: Bindle!

A lot has changed! The girls recap the year and talk about new family.

Episode 9: Back to School

Olive discusses her eventful summer and excitement about returning to school

Episode 7: Toothy Summer

The girls together in the first official episode of the Olive and Ani Podcast

Episode 6: The Sillies

Olive has both the sillies and the sniffles in this story-filled episode.

Episode 5: And Ani, Too!

Olive explains why she’s so calm, tells us about her new pet, and tests out some leftover holiday supplies before we are joined by our guest star, Ani.

Episode 4: Olive's Favorite Part of Christmas

Olive reveals her favorite part of Christmas, gives us an update to her wish list, tells us a very surreal story, and we have some very special guests!

Episode 3: Olive's Wish List

Olive and Daddy discuss Olive’s Christmas wish list, a fancy prize we won together, and–most exciting of all–a remote controlled dolphin toy.

Episode 2: Doggies

Olive and Daddy discuss the recent pumpkin party, doggies, and more.

Episode 1: Pumpkin Party

In this episode, Olive and Daddy discuss a strange dream, a pumpkin carving party, and more.