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meet amanda

Amanda was born and raised in the heart of Acadiana – Lafayette, Louisiana. After graduating from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a degree in product design, her focus soon moved to motherhood and raising her four beautiful children with the help of her husband. As a mother, she found a way to use her gifts as a maker - creating products that made sense for her family. After creating a deodorant balm as a holiday gift for friends and loved ones, she was encouraged to start marketing the balms to local stores and now the line has extended to special oil blends.


Here’s a little about how she began her journey and what drives her passion for natural ingredients and creating products from them for you and your family.


What made you interested in natural ingredients and making your own products?

I started working at a health food store as a teenager. I worked there for a year + a half. It completely changed my life. I learned so much from the owner – macrobiotics, herbs, digestive health, detoxing, enzymes - everything! That’s when I became conscious of my health + the value of my choices.


What makes you happiest about making oLive + ani products?

I love starting with raw ingredients + ending up with a product that I can incorporate into my daily ritual. I love having a new idea that I want to work on + trying new things. I love, love, love seeing the jars in the window, full of herbs infusing in the sunlight.


What does the name oLive + ani mean?

Olive + Ani are our two oldest daughters. I was trying to come up with a name when Ani suggested it. I could not possibly refuse her - there was no way!


Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Two sisters. We talk on the phone most every day. We go to our parent’s house on Sunday night + my dad makes us all waffles. 


How does it make you feel when you use your products?

The deodorant really amazes me. I have used health food store deodorant for twenty years; that means that I was always stinky! So to have something that seriously works + doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients is wonderful!


Who would be your perfect customer?

I love that as my children are growing up they can start using the deodorant balm. That’s really the best. I know it will work for them, without any sketchy ingredients. That feels really good. I make these products for mothers, fathers, children – families!


Do you prefer natural products?

Absolutely! I want to know what I’m putting in my body + on my body. I embrace clean + nurturing products for myself + my family. It’s more important than ever as we find our bodies + environments bombarded with toxins.


You’re a mother, tell me what being a mother means to you?

The greatest gift of my life - tremendous responsibility + tremendous joy.


What is your definition of happiness?

Family, loved ones, peace.


What is your happiest memory of your journey?

The everyday moments when we’re all together, like when it works out that everyone finds their way into our bed in the morning - even better if there is a cup of coffee on the nightstand!


What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Our family.


Why do you like making these products, and why do you want to share them?

I love making things that I personally enjoy using! A healthy deodorant that works – that’s something I want to share. The oils that we’re making now are so delicious! I want everyone to try them.


Chocolate or vanilla?

This can’t be a real question!


From our home to yours, the oLive + ani line is created with you in mind - long lasting, organic, proven and powerful. Amanda handcrafts each product specifically to support your health + well-being, using safe, simple effective ingredients combined with aromatic essential oils.